Effortless Tips for Restaurant Table Tents


During the downtime between when a customer is seated and ready to order, a table-tent is a perfect tool to engage their interest, and advertise your specials. Customers may not think of ordering an appetizer, drink, or dessert, but the table tent can get your customers in the ordering mood, and potentially boost your sales.

Effortless Tips for Restaurant Table Tents that are proven to Increase Business

A well-designed table tent is a must-have for your casual restaurant. Below are some basic reasons a table tent can be a winning strategy for you:

Choose Your Promotion Wisely

Design your promotion around your clientele. If your typical Monday night customer is soccer moms out for a casual evening, a steak dinner may not be the best idea. For mom’s night out, a fun appetizer, fancy cocktail, or a sweet dessert might be a better offering. On the other hand, on sports nights, wings and beer would be a great choice.

When planning your tent table promotion, consider the following factors to create a successful campaign:

  • Determine who your customers are on any given night of the week and target them with individualized promotions.
  • If advertising an ongoing promotion, make sure the items are popular sellers, and most likely to be ordered again.
  • Familiar offerings can be effective offerings in table tent marketing:
    • Wine Lists
    • Cocktail Lists
    • Appetizers
    • Desserts
    • Happy Hour Items
    • Table tents are a great way to advertise deals and discounts that appeal to groups or individuals, rather than the most expensive item on the menu.

Get the Message Right

Realistically, you have a very short window to grab your customer’s attention, so the message is the key. Because the table top has a limited amount of space for advertising, it’s important to make the space count.

  • Craft a powerful headline for your table tent.
  • Limit body copy to a line, or two, at most.
  • Describe the item you offer in clear, concise, detail, only addressing key points.
  • Let the customers ask for more information.
  • Add a strong call-to-action to compel the customer’s order.
  • Use the phrases “Order Now” or “Ask Your Server” to inspire your customer’s response.

Design’s the Thing

Your table tent will be a useless piece of paper if your customers aren’t interested in reading it. The design you choose should inspire your customers to read, and reread the table tent several times during a meal. Consider the colors, graphics, and fonts that will be intriguing and inviting to your customers. At this stage, you may want to partner with a local print shop to design and print your table tent. From Austin to Los Angeles, a local print shop can work with you to design a catchy, and inviting, table tent.

The paper you choose can make or break your design. Remember that the table tent will need to hold up to handling by numerous people and still be attractive. You’ll want to select a quality card stock, in the 227 lb., 420 gsm range, to make your table tent sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear. You might also consider laminating the table tent to increase longevity.

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