Cheap Ways To Update Your Kitchen


Remodelling a kitchen isn’t cheap, and for many people it’s something they only want to have to do once. In reality you don’t need to be forking out so much to update a kitchen. Here are some ways you can get a fresh look and save some money.

Replace handles and pulls

Replacing your cabinet hardware is a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a new look. Look for some colourful alternatives to what is currently in your kitchen, try to make them fit in with any other features you plan to update. Lots of people replace handles with novelty features. While this may seem a cool unique idea at the time, the chances are you will become tired of looking at them very quickly.

Painting your cabinets

Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or just fancy giving your current kitchen a new look, painting the cabinets is a cheap and easy way to do so. You could use some bright colours to bring some new life into a previously dull kitchen. A good tip is to look at your worktops and use them as a deciding factor for your colour. It doesn’t have to match, but choose colours that will work well together to create a style or theme for your kitchen.

Change cabinet doors

By replacing your cabinet doors you are making a relatively small and easy upgrade, and it will look as if you’ve completely remodelled your kitchen. You can use glass doors to display what’s inside, or use a classic wooden door. Or completely switch up your kitchen by removing the doors, which is what many people do for a more open style kitchen.

Replace your worktops

This is the job people fear will cost them the most money, but realistically it can be cheaper than you think. A worktop change can be just what your kitchen needs to give its otherwise average features some new life. A new stone worktop would completely change the style of your kitchen without having to replace everything else. Laminate is another solution. There is a wide range of options available which will give you a stone look finish, whilst saving you lots of money in the process.

New curtains or blinds

A new curtain or blind isn’t just to give your kitchen a bit of sun protection or privacy; it can spruce up an otherwise dull area with some bright colours and patterns. A roller blind can be a convenient option to pull down when you want, then easily pulled up when needed, for example if you’re washing up and don’t want to splash it.

Add some tiles

An area of tiles can be really effective and stand out against the rest of the kitchen. People often break up the wall space between the cabinets and worktop with some tiles; this gives the area a completely different look and conflicts with the other walls to create an effective style.

People are often hesitant to remodel or upgrade their kitchen because of the price. These are a few of the changes that make the task of updating your kitchen a lot less difficult, and a lot less strenuous on your wallet.

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